Disbelievers want to sabotage peace of Muslim Ummah by hatching anti-Islam conspiracies: Iqbal – Pakistan


Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal on Saturday claimed that Pakistan successfully foiled an “international conspiracy” to ignite sectarian violence in the country.

While addressing a conference in Narowal Iqbal said that “disbelievers” want to sabotage peace of the Muslim Ummah by hatching anti-Islam conspiracies.

He was of the view that international lobbies, including India, never want to see Pakistan as a politically and economically stable country, for which they keep hatching conspiracies to ignite religious and sectarian violence in Pakistan.

“Pakistan has successfully launched China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, prompting India to hatch conspiracies to spoil the project and the ongoing development,” the minister said.

Ahsan Iqbal stressed the need for unity in the Muslim Ummah to foil the international anti-Islam conspiracies, saying it was high time for the “Muslim world to forge unity among its ranks and shun their differences for the glory of Islam”.

He expressed complete solidarity with the oppressed people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Myanmar, and Palestine.

Iqbal said Islam presents a global system of foolproof security and peace, adding that terrorists had no religion, as every religion of the world gives the lessons of love, peace and respect for humanity. “The present wave of terrorism was a conspiracy against the Muslim Ummah.”

The interior minister also urged the religious scholars to play their role in promoting religious and sectarian harmony, brotherhood, unity, faith, and peace in society.


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